Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cape Keraudren

We left Harry and Helen and ventured off south. Strange to be on our own again but nice to have no real agenda in front of us. We stopped at Cape Keraudren, a state reserve situated on the water. The campgrounds near the lagoon were pretty full with some fairly long term set ups, maximum stay is set at three months and it looks like some campers were pushing it. The larger camp was on the ridge of a lagoon that completely empties at low tide, we opted for the more protected site on the other side of the cape, also on the water.

We spent the next few days mucking about camp, exploring the beach and fishing. The kids also made friends with Tara and Angus in a van near us (we had briefly met them in Fitzroy Crossing) and made a shop with shells for sale.

The shop, they wouldn't take credit so business was slow. We managed to haggle them down to a silver coin donation to each for as many shells as we could carry.

Two ways I like my snakes - small and dead, not in that order though. Zoe took a liking to it and wouldn't put it down for two days.

We did have some luck with the queenfish and some other unidentified fish off the rocks, Zoe still with snake.

A bird successfully identintified as a....bird.

This one maybe a richard's pipit?

Tim (Tara and Angus's dad) starting the fire with the green wood we left him, actually it burnt alright after a while and we joined them later for a few night caps around it...just before on dark a heard of cows and bulls surrounded our van, we we barricaded in. What is with the flippin cows already???? Did the Vic cows send these ones a message or something?

Our shell shop reciepts also allowed us entry to the evening concert, hooray! Note Zoe attempting to sing around her snorkel.







Friday, 24 August 2012

Barn Hill

Unfortunately Pete, Kath, Tom, Ellen and Hannah had to fly home today which was obviously disappointing for all. Guys, we had an awesome time traveling with you all, spending time with you and sharing our adventures was priceless and something we will always look back fondly on and treasure, thanks heaps!


We spent the morning at the Broome market which was a big market of art and craft then headed 50k's south to Barn Hill station where we were to spend the next few days with Harry and Helen. The road in was 10k of dirt and we expected the camp to be fairly quiet...incorrect. Barn Hill seems to be the place the grey nomads congregate with the promise of good fishing and socializing. The camp is run very well and we lucked upon the Sunday three course roast dinner with entertainment for $15! It was amusing to see the 100 people in the audience almost all get up in unison around us to create a massive que as soon as grub was presented, it just resulted in everyone having to stand in the que for 15 minutes instead of sitting until it was their tables turn...don't want to miss out on possible crackle!

Our table full of textas and paper, others tables complete with tablecloths and placemats, folded napkins and some even with tea light candles. Here are a couple of the drawings the kids created of them fishing with some bloke, I know it's not me because of the small guns and that guys has actually caught a fish.

The entertainment was a local band which the organizers couldn't guarantee would actually tuen up, good thing they did as they we quite good with many original songs. Harry decided to get a closer look and offer to shoot a music video for them.

However it wasn't until well after the fruit salad did the night warm up with the band reading their crowd well and reverting to gold 104 classics. The highlight of the night was the circle that formed to do the hokey pokey...omg is this what we have to look forward to in 30 years time??? Is this natural progression??? Will these words come back to haunt me as I "put my whole self in" in 30 years time??? Anyway I jumped up to take some pics as the hokey pokey wound up and it was announced that they would now play musical statues...unfortunately from my advantage point I got roped into judging. I seemed to be the only judge of four that was actually kicking people out, the others too worried about offending. The other barrier to this was that half of them were hardly moving at all in the first place. A few of the ladies took it a little to seriously and one argued (seriously) that I was cheating and it was her dress still moving and not her body...she got the big "go on - get".

The beach at Barn Hill was a little different to the rest we've encountered, shore breaking waves which stirs up a lot of sand, not amazing for swimming. However after the first day was spent making sandcastles utilizing the rock scattered around the the kids hit pay dirt with the rock pools for the rest of our time there.

Time around camp was relaxing with some fishing rod repairs (in anticipation of the fish onslaught ), watercolour painting, reading, bread and rolly polly making however most of the time spent was on the sand.

The school of the air had a camp there whilst we were around, they put on a opera involving the school kids which was well done. Our kids managed to catch the end of the production, just in time to cash in on the give away which were masks used in the act. Not sure which kid is wearing it for the pic...actually I think it's Zoef, I can tell as she is wearing her new boab necklace.

Apparently a few days before we got there fishermen were bagging out on blue nosed salmon from the beach, however this stopped two days before we arrived and no one had got a bite since...literally not a bite. Unfortunately this continued for our time there and the couple of sessions on the beach we had were unsuccessful. At least we weren't spending a fortune on bait, one piece of squid would last for hours!

Harry and I decided to head down to the next bay called Port Smith which we discovered was a bitter rival to Barn Hill, the lovely las wasn't even going to allow us access to the beach even though we offered money. A good thing our smooth talking got us in there as Harry got a good pair of Trevally that cooked up a treat. I spent my time frothing the water with the fly and successfully spooking every fish in sight, nice spot for it though.
The rock formation back on the Barn Hill beach was unique and the last sunset was a good opportunity to toy with the camera lens Pete kindly lent us for the rest of the trip.

The toilets were a bit agricultural, these guys didn't seem to mind
Four days well spent at Barn Hill with great company. The kids had such a great time with the rock pools playing with the hermit crabs. Ves is already saying that this is one of the spots she would have happily stayed longer at given her time again. Thanks Harry and Helen for the relaxing time, and all the treats you bought the kids.