Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cape Keraudren

We left Harry and Helen and ventured off south. Strange to be on our own again but nice to have no real agenda in front of us. We stopped at Cape Keraudren, a state reserve situated on the water. The campgrounds near the lagoon were pretty full with some fairly long term set ups, maximum stay is set at three months and it looks like some campers were pushing it. The larger camp was on the ridge of a lagoon that completely empties at low tide, we opted for the more protected site on the other side of the cape, also on the water.

We spent the next few days mucking about camp, exploring the beach and fishing. The kids also made friends with Tara and Angus in a van near us (we had briefly met them in Fitzroy Crossing) and made a shop with shells for sale.

The shop, they wouldn't take credit so business was slow. We managed to haggle them down to a silver coin donation to each for as many shells as we could carry.

Two ways I like my snakes - small and dead, not in that order though. Zoe took a liking to it and wouldn't put it down for two days.

We did have some luck with the queenfish and some other unidentified fish off the rocks, Zoe still with snake.

A bird successfully identintified as a....bird.

This one maybe a richard's pipit?

Tim (Tara and Angus's dad) starting the fire with the green wood we left him, actually it burnt alright after a while and we joined them later for a few night caps around it...just before on dark a heard of cows and bulls surrounded our van, we we barricaded in. What is with the flippin cows already???? Did the Vic cows send these ones a message or something?

Our shell shop reciepts also allowed us entry to the evening concert, hooray! Note Zoe attempting to sing around her snorkel.








  1. I remember those Fitzroy Crossing guys (that's how they'll always be known to me)! This place looks easier for backing a trailer than Fitzroy Crossing!

    It's actually fun watching a kids' concert for 1 minute!

    I know I'm getting sucked in here but I won't let you down! The bird is a Ruddy turnstone.

    I believe cattle are attracted to small banded snakes. Maybe you should get Zoe to leave it alone.

    Have fun


    1. A ruddy ruddy piper eh? I though as much but was reluctant to call it with the lack of brown in the wings, perhaps it's just past it juvenile stage where the brown is less prominent?

      Is the other a pipit?

      And yes they do remember the reversing saga at Fitzroy