Saturday, 11 August 2012

The (Mr) Bungle Bungles

Most folks have heard of the Bungle Bungles, it's also know as Purnululu. We well got up early to tackle the road in as it looked like it was going to be a long day. Unfortunately Tom had been ill during the night so Kath was to have a rest day at camp with him whilst the rest of us ventured in. Tyres down and away we go!

We strategically positioned ourselves behind a tour bus going in, this way we could see which way to best tackle the crossings. It made for slow going but a stress free entry was welcomed.

After a brief stop at the visitors centre,Ves rushed the kids to the loo moments before a significant queue formed due to the nomads piling off the bus with the same thought. We then took the track right to go to Cathedral Gorge, Piccaninny Creek and the domes.

Much of the walk was down the middle of the river bed

This was actually a huge undercut area like a massive amphitheater. The kids enjoyed fossiking for zebra rock and other treasures. This seems to be an ongoing occourance with rocks and pebbles from many places stuffed into hidey-holes everywhere in both the car and van....they just keep coming.

Any picture containing a child and a termite mound must involve a arms up pose.
Then it was onto the Echidna Chasm which impressed us all. The photos were never going to come out well here so got some video instead. The walk involved a scramble along the river bed then into the chasm itself, it twisted and turned with sections so narrow two people could not pass each other in, yet 50 meters high.

The drive back to camp via the lookout was considerably quicker yet Brielle was again sick, perhaps the drive should have been considerably slower, sometimes you just have to get on top of those corrogations...


We had dinner around the communal campfire and convinced a few other doubtful travelers that the drive in is no problem. It would have cost Pete and Kath $1250 and us $1000 to join the tour buses that venture in daily, hence we took our chances on the road. Many of the tour bus travelers from the previous day stated that there was no way they'd take their car through that...we supposed that they were justifying the hard earned they'd spent on the tour.



  1. Hi Shanley's
    Sorry I haven't posted a comment before now, the main reason is because I just didn't know how to set it up. Thanks to Wayne I'm now able to.
    Firstly I'm jealous, wow you are so lucky, I really wish I was with you, discovering Australia and visiting all that nature has created. It's fantastic to see all your photos and hear of all your adventures, it really does makes me feel as though I'm also part of your trip. I hope Mum is also getting a break and dad is not missing Yum Cha & Beer at Dragon Boat Chinese Restaurant (I was there today with Bombi)
    You kids need to keep asking Dad "Are we there yet"
    Good Luck for the rest of your trip.
    Grandpa Gerard

    1. Mr Gerard Ro MacMahon, I missed this post, thanks for the comments. Yes, the kids do keep asking "when are we going to be there?" along with "can I have something to eat" , "does this place have showers?" , "are we camping on the beach?" and "will there be kids at this spot?". Hope all is well with you and yours,


  2. Hi Everyone,
    Sorry to hear that the kids have been unwell. Hope they are better now and Mum and Dad have worked out how the use the fridge...power on..check!!
    We have all been sick too - Dash and Zara had the flu two weeks ago, Super Mum just had a cold and had to soldier on ofcoarse! Needless to say it was a houseful of snot, vomit, tears, more snot, coughing, sleepless nights and "tenseness" to put it nicely glad that we all over that now - still a bit of snot and coughs hanging around but nothing serious.
    Mel and Justin had a baby boy 2 weeks ago thursday, so it was nice to have a distraction from the crappy week before.
    Loving the photos but disappointed that Benny's akubra hat has been replaced by straw..just doesnt have the same effect :(
    Anyways must get back to work (boo!) enjoy your travels, stay safe and will continue reading your blog during tomorrow's lunch break