Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tunnel Creek and Windjana NP

We took the corrugated yet very scenic Fairfield - Leopoldo road to Windjana NP via Tunnel Creek. One minute your driving through heavily treed bush, then flat grass lands, then rocky outcrops that attracted the boabs. I gotta say, I love those boabs, so much character and hardiness, it's also interesting how they just pop up in groups in certain terrain. In this area we had normal flat bush on one side with not a boab in sight, yet on the right there were dozens of them as soon as the ground lifted and got rocky.


Tunnel Creek runs directly through the base of the mountain for about 750 meters. The walk follows the river through the cave with water sometimes up to the kids waists, at times up to codi's chest. it was a very different walk and the kids loved it.

Thought we'd try a group shot, I'll just set the timer on...Doh!
Now we got it...

Windjana NP is awesome, we got there with just enough time to set up, cut some wood and enjoy the sunset before settling around our last true central Kimberley campfire.

The following morning we headed down to the gorge and saw a heap of freshies, fruit bats and plenty or barra crushing around the fishing allowed unfortunately.

Just a little further back for the pic please kids...



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  1. Hi Everyone, looks like the adventures are continuing. The tunnel creek walk looks unreal, I didnt realise it was underground...umm..."tunnel" may have been a good indication, good one Shaz!
    Glad everyone is having fun, take care and look forward to more tales of adventure. We're all good over East...spring is finally on it's way...woohoo!!
    Will have to try and skype again too.
    Shaz xx