Thursday, 2 August 2012

Timber Creek

We arrived at Timber Creek for an overnighter before heading into Kununara the next day. We found a great bush camp at a marked lookout called Policemans Point which has great views over the Victoria River via a bit of dirt road.

The kids constructed the fire pit whilst the adults set up camp. Zoe and Codi played in the dirt and got as dirty as possible, that would be right, just as we are no where near a shower or swimming hole that is safe to swim in.


I went for a quick fish whilst Pete went for a bird and then we set in for the evening with a fire. Ves and I forgot about the quarantine border crossing the next day and had just stocked up on fruit and veg which had to be jettisoned at the crossing. We cooked up a few batches of scalloped potatoes in the Weber and camp oven and ate fruit and carrots all night and the next morning (fortunately we were staying at a caravan park the next few days...close to facilities)

Shamallows before bed.

We even had a few fly by's from the RAFF
After a few more carrots and apples we stopped off at Gregory's Tree for a quick look. Appart from the nostalgia one of the dates carved into the tree by early explorers/settlers shared the same date as the triplets brithdays (all their brithdays!) albeit 150 odd years apart. The boabs in the area are pretty cool...for a tree that is! Although these ones are pretty old and gnarly, hundreds of years old. A quick stop for lunch at Cockatoo Lagoon for salad sanga's and onto Kununara.


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