Friday, 24 August 2012

Broome again

We arrived back in Broome with a full agenda for the afternoon/evening - set up, camel rides and dinner for Kath's birthday.

As Zoe mentioned we have an early start tomorrow in the hunt at low tide for the dinosaur footprints. Today was a very much anticipated day for Zoe as the camel ride as been on her agenda since preparation for the trip started long ago, that and feeding dolphins.

It would be remiss of me to not put the below sequence of myself and Zoe as our camel (Kabul) reluctantly arose for the first time. Pete has obviously had great pleasure in posting this on his blog and it would only be a matter of time before he hacks into ours somehow and posts them here as he is a little more advanced at this blogging stuff than I. Enjoy....

Apologies for the low resolution as they were stolen off Pete's blog, hopefully that will be a deterrent for any of you that we're thinking of using them as prints on stubbide holders.

Zoe zonked after her big day...and guess who had a sleep in the car on the way to Broome?

The next day saw the arrival of Harry and Helen (Kath's mum and dad) who would recieve the baton from Pete and Kath (van and prado) and return it safely after some holidaying of their own to Richard and Annie in Alice. Harry in wasting no time shouted the kids to mini golf and ice creams in true Harry form and some time was spent at the beach also. Pete went on a bird tour of the region which was like a bird crawl of the local sewerage treatment plants, apparently birds like hanging around there.

We enjoyed a special last meal with the Blackburn Shanley gang as they were heading home in the morning...note Zoe taking pics with the camera upside down!



  1. Where to start!?
    My favourite would have to be the nervous "watch the other guys first" (Broome Camels carrot feeding)!
    Now listen. For the record birding tour was of the lakes of Roebuck Plains - no sewerage plants involved (..... on this occasion)
    Great pictures of a great time as always! Gotta love the afternoon nap!!
    Anyone requiring larger files of any of the above just get in touch!

  2. This is really a beauty of Broome. Nice place.