Sunday, 12 August 2012

Geikie gorge

We left the Bungle Bungles after Kath and Toms flight and stayed overnight at Fitzroy Crossing! Pretty much just a travel day for us. We probably should have tackled Geikie Gorge in the arvo....but didn't.

We left the park early the next day and took the short drive to the Gorge. The walk had potential yet the soft sand underfoot and the amazingly sharp and clingy prickles a few of us encountered wore us down. The walk takes you along the sand flats of the gorge which are well under water during the wet. Didn't get great views of the water, probably a tour best done on one of the boats there.

The kids did collect "sand biscuits" which were dried up plates of sand after the water had receded. They were not allowed to take them into the car...not because they were large crumbly blocks of sand, but because it was a national park and....

Parent - "you will get in trouble from the man"....

Kid looking around - "what man?".....

Parent - "the ranger man over there"....

Kid putting sand biscuit down - "where?"......,

Parent - "oh you missed him, he's gone, let's go now"

An ant that took Codi's notice with its load
Also forgot to mention that one of the people we convinced to head into the bungles supposedly lost the gas tank out of his cruiser on the road...oops!

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  1. I think of Ves everytime I see all the are you coping love?
    Good to see someone has a is actually 18 degress in Melbourne today...woohoo...followed by a high of 13
    Shaz xoxo