Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kununurra take 2

Lucky we did make the decision to back track, Brielle now has her turn with the illness and she got it the worst. Her first vomit was at 4:30 pm on Wednesday and her last was 10:30 pm Thursday and without exaggerating there was around 15 in between, poor thing. She handled herself very well and spent most of Thursday in bed or on a mattress outside. I had to take the van in to have the fridge looked at, amazing the results you get when the mechanic finally points out that it's not plugged in! All this time we have been playing with the plug that comes out of the side of the fridge cupboard and not realized the other plug in the bottom corner, inside another cupboard under the bed.

Zoe went to Whyndam with the others whilst Codi (also still not great), Brielle, Ves and I hung around the park for the day. Finally got the blog up to date, we made some bread and a roast for dinner.

It's now Friday and we have made our way down to the camp outside the Bungle Bungles and will head in there for a day trip tomorrow. Some of us are looking forward to the drive in, apparently a fairly difficult 50km's, up to 2.5 hrs and 10 river crossings. Brielle is feeling much better, far from great but hopefully good enough for the drive tomorrow.








  1. Aww, the poor poppets. On the bright side, I guess the kids will appreciate the importance of appropriate refrigeration of foodstuffs in future. Is that a vomit dish at the base of Brielle's chair?

  2. Yes it is the bucket, it was a salad bowl. Your comments are always appreciated Kel