Thursday, 9 August 2012

Home Valley

Onto Home Valley Station today, we came directly here as Zoe as been ill, but is feeling quite a bit better. Unfortunately as we left El Questro Codi decided she wanted in on the spew party and made it a slow drive to Home Valley. On the way we passed through the famous Pentecost River Crossing on the Gibb, yet being shin deep didn't really live up to expectations.

Our travels since Kununurra..

Pete and Kath had done Emma Gorge that morning and arrived at Home Valley a few hours after us with some mechanical issues. A rock had smashed off their water tank tap, not a big issue. Whilst looking into repairing it we noticed a bigger issue, one of the wiggly metal bits above the springs had snapped off.

The next morning I ventured out for a fish whilst Pete attempted to get the van fixed locally...neither of us bagged out. I drove up a sand track to a nice opening, would be a great camp spot, a little bit further from the water would be more relaxing. I couldn't snag any live bait as there was none visible, or the ones that were there saw me first, had no chance, tried a few lures instead in the hope of some sooties.

With Pete and Kath due for a bit of a time delay back in Kununarra both awaiting the spring part and getting it installed, discussions had turned to whether or no we should push in through the Gibb and meet them towards Broome for their last few weeks. Our mind was made up with both Zoe and Codi not well again during and after our dinner which was at the pub here at the station. We were about to embark on maybe 10 days without power and possibly no amenities, travelling a difficult road solo and without our medical crew. Totally confident that the van and car would have no problems however the kids would not have enjoyed the 500 km's of corragations and the various walks into gorges etc in 35 degree heat. Decision made, tomorrow we back track. We will all head back to Kununarra and make our way to Broome on the tar with all the grey nomads driving 80 in their shiny rigs. Still a good route to the lower Kimberley's and we will now experience the Bungle Bungles (which is said to be amazing) , Geikie Gorge, Tunnel Creek and maybe Windjana Gorge if the track is passable.

Sorry no real pics of home valley as the shine was removed on the joint due to the illness and the rearranging of our travel plans, camera has been neglected somehwhat.



  1. Today I ventured to Dandenong along the treacherous Eastlink Pass to sit in my office all day. The sound walls and famous artwork/landmarks along the side of the road were unforgettable. Probably doesn't have the same ring to it as your story. Trip looks awesome. All seems to be going well. From Trav.

  2. Thanks Trav, if it's still ok we have penciled in touring your backyard for the final week of our trip, powered site with pool, play area and BBQ