Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Nullarbor

It took us two and a half days to put the Nullarbor behind us. the weather was pretty good and not too windy which made the driving relatively easy with the exception of the roadtrains and wide load trucks we had to negotiate. We had two bush camps along the way and the night stars put on a great show. I had a play with Pete's fat camera lens with some interesting results.

The kids quickly entertained themselves creating Smurf village with toys purchased along the way.We had bought three Smurf lucky dips, Brielle got Puppa, Zoe and Codi both ended up with Gargamel. One happy kid, two not....back to the store. Round two - Brielle gets Clumsy, Zoe got Smurfette whilst Codi scored Azriel, two happy one not, sorry Codi none left in the shop. One of the Gargamels is ow called Goodgamel, Gargamels good twin brother visiting from Belgium.

Other highlights along the way were...

Being overtaken by the Rebels bike gang on their way to Canberra to "annoy the ranga" - their words.

The Caiguna Blowhole, it was blowing a gale down in the hole whilst still above it.

Seeing around ten whales in the shallows at Head of Bight.

The clifftop views were one of a kind.

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  1. So that lens of mine can do that!? Wow! ......Can I have it back please? Everyone's looking great - see you soon!