Friday, 21 September 2012

Jurien Bay

We stayed for two nights at Jurien Bay which is the best place to stay for visiting the Pinnacles and sand boarding dunes. We decided to head straight to the Pinnacles after setting up as the next day was supposed to be quite windy and wet. The pinnacles are limestone formations originally created by seashells which turned into lime and then blown inland to rest amongst the sand dunes. Eventually the dunes have moved to reveal the pinnacles.

To be honest we expected them to be a little bigger than this...

After we did the driving tour we went on the walk which meanders its way through several fields of them. In some sections with no other vegetation they appear almost alien like.

Three new Pinnacles....

Can you spot the four hidden girls?

We all enjoyed the walk and the kids enjoyed yet another souvenir shop even more...these souvenir shops are becoming a terrible trap and have ended in tears a few times along the way...I just really wanted that stubbie holder!


Unfortunately the next day was as windy and wet as predicted so we had to skip the sand boarding (hip breathes a sigh of relief) and we went for a drive into Beekeepers Nature Park and visited some caves in Leeman. The Stockyard Gully cave was created by a river bed which was also the walking path through it, no water like Tunnel Creek much to the kids dissapointment. Between small showers we finished the walk which also took us through some of the wildflowers also distinct to this region. On the way back to camp, Ves with mud map in hand took us down a short cut to the main road. A 10km shortcut that was in some sections quicker to walk with boulders, sand and narrow shrub making it quite challenging yet entertaining. Along this track we discovered several beekeeping colonies which was a good learning experience for the kids. We assume that the park name has something to do with the bee colonies established there but we couldn't find any information to confirm this. We spent the remainder of the afternoon on the jumping castle and then inside baking scones (for Peters birthday cake) along with a roast dinner in the annex when it rained. This was the first time we had erected the full annex on the trip but it made a world of difference here.


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