Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Coronation Bay and Port Denison

We headed south attempting to avoid the showers that we peppering most of the WA coast, and as a result passed by the Kalbarri NP and stayed in the warmer Coronation Bay campsite. Zoe attempting to avoid the sun, the only downside to an early drive is the low lying sun...Zoe sitting on the passenger side has had her share down the WA coast.

We got there early enough and stayed hooked up (knowing it was going to be an overnighter) which gave us plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon fishing and playing at the beach.

The kids laughing in fear of the wave getting them....

The kids laughing at the waves getting all over them...

After a lazy next morning with breakie on the beach we zipped down to Port Denison after a quick shop at Geraldton.

The caravan park at Port Denison was nice and they could only give us an ensuite site which a novelty for all. For those of you not fortunate enough to be familiar with an ensuite powered site, it is a normal site with your own toilet and shower room on the side. So the kids spent most of the time wearing out the grass in between the ensuite and the van with any excuse to get in their new bathroom.


We had a leisurely rest on the grass next to the playground as the kids played and then wehad a walk along the breakwater and mariner drooling over some of boats moored there.



  1. Zoe looks remarkably cheerful in the sun. Ours would be crappy & complain endlessly - "When are we turning a corner?" .... "Perth dear"
    Oh Ben - Are you not au fait with the term au fait? Qu'estce que c'est croissant n'est pas, yoplait, parlez vous je suis la discotheque??! You appear to have hair in the right places these days anyways. That's quite a thatch you have there!

  2. Yeah the LePad couldn't handle two French words in one sentence. That's up there with Michael Angelo.