Friday, 14 September 2012

Monkey Mia and Francois Peron NP

After we stocked up in Carnavon we zipped down to Denham where we spent the next four nights.

The first morning we ventured into Monkey Mia for the dolphin feeding, the obvious attraction of the area. The dolphins are only able to be fed three times before midday to ensure that they stay as "wild" as possible, not sure this is the case as the same dolphins come back the same time each day...but it works for us. The first feeding is at 8:00am so we were there early to enable the kids the best possible chance of feeding them. Around 10 people get to feed a dolphin at each sitting so the chances were not great. The first sitting had around 180 people, the second around 80 and the final about 50. The first sitting has a few tour groups etc in it as this is the only gaurenteed scheduled time for feeding.

Zoe was lucky enough to be picked to feed "surprise" the dolphin in the second sitting, she was pumped.

We have started to get through some of the fish we have stock piled, we managed to pick up some wasabi in Carnavon for sashimi, much to Codi's delight.

We spent an afternoon at "little lagoon" which has an inlet that feeds off the ocean at high tide. I dropped the yak in at the mouth and paddled to the back of the lagoon to meet Ves and the kids. Was good to see the red dirt meet the white sand in the river.

We also checked out the windmills that provide 60% of Denham's power.

We visited an artesian hot tub on the way to "Big Lagoon" in Francis Peron NP where we had a fish and a the ocean, not the tub.

The Denham pier went off in the evening with a heap of squid caught there, big squid too...

Squid not the only thing on the menu, had a crack at a pull apart in the webber, nice.

Zoe's friend Emily also fed "Surprise" and also ended up with the same shirt....





















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  1. I want to have a trip in there. You look like the kids are really enjoying the vacation in there.