Saturday, 15 September 2012

Whalebone and Shelly Beach

We organized a permit to stay on one of the beaches below Denham for the night. It was a terrific spot, literally fifteen meters from the waters edge, unfortunately you can only stay for one night at a time. Apparently the local caravan parks have been putting a lot of pressure on the council to have these spots closed down for camping, they look like they will probably get their way as the system is already difficult. The ranger came through to check the permits twice that evening.

We all had a fish, Ves and the kids had more luck than I catching several bream to my one flattie. We could see a couple of decent sharks cruising the shallows in front of us so we tempted them with a whole squid on wire. It was exciting to see these beasts swim aournd our bait as we waited for a strike, unfortunately they ignored our offerings, but it was still good fun. It was pleasant to be able to fish whilst sitting under the awning and polish off the remainder of our squid which we cooked "salt and pepper" style, the tenticals being the best bits with a bit of crunch.

On the way towards Geraldton we stopped at Shelly Beach to look at the...shells! An entire beach full of shells. Much to the kids disgust you were not allowed to remove any shells, even though there was a full excavation 100 meters down the beach where truck loads of shells had been removed by the council for use as ground and track cover all through the region.




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  1. love the Shanavan & flying shell shots! Is Brielle picking up some of Mum's dance moves!?