Friday, 5 October 2012

Fowlers Bay and Scott's Beach

After completing the Nullarbor we ventured in for a night at Fowler's Bay Caravan Park, mainly to fill up on water and power before finding a nice beach camp for the following few days. We found the beach camp we were looking for during an afternoon drive to play on the dunes at Scott's Beach Conservation Park, getting the water was a slightly more difficult task.

Unfortunately the water at the park was only bore water at the sites and a communal drinking water tank with a sign that states that only bottles up to 1litre can be filled at a time. So between the hours of 10pm and midnight we made several stealth trips with our 10 litre drum to fill our tanks which meant that we had 220 litres for the upcoming beach camp back at Scott's bay. Filling the tanks from drums seems to take forever due to the air pressure of the tanks, didn't help having next doors German Sheppard sniffing my heels the entire time....any you know how much I just love dogs.

The next day we aired down for the rocky road into Scott's bay and found ourselves a nice spot tucked in behind the dunes hopefully shielding us from the forecasted southerlies in a couple of days. I snuck up for a look at the tides only to see a lone fisherman pull in a nice Salmon right in front of our camp. Striking up a brief conversation I honed in on the blade lure and lost no more time in informing Darren and assembling the rods. That little session was good fun and saw us land 5 and lose a few casting at the school as it came through.

Sashimi trevally followed by curried slamon for dinner.

After chatting to a friendly and helpful Aboriginal Mexican Indian from Ceduna (we couldn't pick, but he was definitely from Ceduna) I took an early drive the next day looking for his promised honeypot of a spot where at low tide the Salmon had taken refuge from sharks in a shallow gutter behind a sand bar just off shore. I only really came across the spot as the friendly AborMexdian was parked on top of the dune watching a school. After chatting for a bit I ventured down to see if i could get a few runts that had fallen away from the school that was out of casting distance. With AborMexdian's directions from above I got onto a smaller school and we both caught a few fish. Just as we were packing up and had already made the climb back to the car a school had come into the shallows as promised. After a frantic drive to camp and back Darren and I had returned with the fly gear to have an awesome little session.

The next morning marked the arrival of a big day for Brielle, her birthday party! Her actual birthday is tomorrow but as that was going to include a three hour drive we thought she would appreciate a beach camp party a day early instead.

She kicked off the morning like any 8 year old would, catching her first salmon. The salmon were once again in their convenient holding position so everyone had a turn at pulling in some of these beauties for the morning.

Zoe pulled in her fair share.

They were even surface feeding on green poppers!

Ves got first prize with this one estimated to be 12lb.

And possibly my favourite pic of the trip - Ves with her first fish on fly....who said fly fishing couldn't be sexy?

Then in the afternoon it was PARTY TIME!

Fairy Bread, Nachos, Party Pies, Sausage Rolls, Chips, Lollies, Little Boys, Balloons, Streamers, Cake (cheesecake....but not as good as Grammies apparently), musical statues - the works.

Twas a nice spot at Scott' beach and a memorable way to celebrate B's 8th birthday.

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  1. so you stole other campers water good onya