Sunday, 28 October 2012

Home.....yeah ok then...sweet home!

Well we made it back safe and sound to our lovely and now ridiculously large home...A few thank you's if i may!

Thanks to Bubba, Dedda, Grammy, Pa, Evie and Remmy for taking care of cookie.

Thanks to Peter, Kathy, Tom, Ellen, Hannah, Darren, Stacy, Evie and Remmy for travelling with us, I'm sure you'll all agree it was awesome and something we will always remember.

Thanks also to all the friends we made along the way, it was great sharing your company and seeing some places that we may not have gone on our own.

Thanks to everyone for you comments via email, on the blog, sms's, skype, facebook and pigeon.

Thanks to our beautiful kids, it was great to spend each and every day with you all, you've all learnt so much on the trip and you have made us proud.

The biggest thanks from me goes to my amazing, awesome and beautiful wife in simply trusting that this would be a great trip and making it happen in such a relaxed fashion, I loved every minute with you and can't wait to do it again.

OK some stats....

  • 104 nights
  • 33 nights off the grid
  • 70 nights powered
  • 1 night underground
  • 19220 k'ms
  • 17.2 liters per 100km's
  • highest fuel price - $2.22
  • no flats
  • one chipped windscreen
  • 37 evening campfires
  • 4 meals out
  • 1 roo down
  • 1 lizard down
  • 1 snake down
  • a few birds down.
  • hundred's of windmills!

Finally some random pics mainly taken from the phones....

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