Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Flinders Ranges

The drive from Wilmington to the Flinders was a short yet eventful one. We were detoured off our route passing through Quorn as they were shooting a film which was using the main street through town. The film is abased on a true story of Robyn Davidson's 2700km camel trek across the Australian desert with a couple of camels, the movie will be called "Treck". We hopped out for a bit of a gawk and walked pretty much straight through the middle of the set, obviously they weren't filming then. It was interesting to see how they had positioned props and changed the street to look like the seventies and the kids had many questions.

Then just shy of the Flinders camp there was a sudden "DONK" noise like the sound of a big red kangaroo being hit by an ARB Bull Bar at 100kph. Off course we pulled over to assess the damage, good news - not a scratch on the the bar, bad news....well...

All the kids wanted to jump out for a gander, being on the side of the road obviously they were not allowed to however Zoe positioned herself with the best view....clearly distraught with the situation!

We set up at Rawnsley Park Station down in an open camping area and felt like we the only people there, even though there were toilets and showers 100 meters away. We had lovely views of the Rawson Bluff which is the southern range of the Wilpena Pound.

Another nice night and fire...

The next day we drove up to Blinman via a few coooooold lookouts. The highlight of the trip was certainly the Copper Mine tour that we did.

We also drove some lovely tracks that were river beds and gorges. The weather was all over the place, at night we got some rain and the forecast had quickly turned to miserable. We decided that our plan was to hook the van on that night, walk the Wilpena Pound (7km) in the morning, visit some aboriginal painting sites and then drive south towards Peterborough or further depending on the time. Our plans altered when we woke to a freezing day with on and off showers and many dark clouds, the Pound was going to have to wait for next time - this would be our fourth of fifth day with showers for the entire trip! We left the Flinders that morning to make it to the sunnier Renmark.

We later found out that it snowed in the Flinders the day we left - good decision, only a shame that we didn't fit the Pound in the day before, damn weatherzone.

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