Thursday, 5 July 2012

Some pre-trip pics

The map on our wall that provided some insight for the kids on the size of this trip. Zoe took particular interest in the areas where there were two routes marked (in case of road closures) and the area in WA from Geraldton to Esperance which we have left blank as there really is no obvious route and we are attempting to avoid Perth.

A few pics of the rig with all of the very necessary, essential, must have modifications complete



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  1. Love that Melbourne weather! We spoke to Annie tonight. They are holidaying in Darwin. As we were speaking she said she was watching the sun setting on the Arafura Sea wearing singlet & shorts in the warmth! Two nights before that swimming by moonlight in a Mataranka thermal spring.

    I can't even imagine it!

    She also said it had been -5deg (note: MINUS) at Alice Springs overnight.