Monday, 30 July 2012

Heading North to warmth

Peter, Kath, Tom, Ellen and Hannah arrived in Alice over the weekend and we caught up with them at Richard, Annie, Ruby, Banjo and Moses's house for dinner on the Sunday night and at the telegraph station parkland for a BBQ on the Monday night. Thanks guys for your hospitality, it was great to actually sit around a normal table and eat dinner! Whilst we were in Alice we also visited the desert park and the School of the air which the kids found very interesting.

On Tuesday morning it was time head north with the others in our little convoy with the walkie talkies keeping us amused. We drove north for about 500 + k's via the devils marbels and Newcastle Waters to see some jabiru's and have lunch. Being the experienced campers that we now are we knew that we would have to show these newbies how it's done....we left our caravan door open twice as we took off that day, the below pictures show the door well open both times just before we drove off.

Lunch at Newcastle waters and Debil's Marbels

We finished the day at Banka Banka for an overnighter. Was a nice little camp, the owner gave the kids some super dupers upon arrival which was a nice touch. Pete and Kath survived their first set up no worries. It was great to be able to finally sit outside and eat dinner, not sleep with the heater on and not freeze as you come out of the shower block after balancing on a thong whilst drying quickly.




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