Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kings Canyon

We arrived at the Kings Canyon resort an stocked up on few supplies, Pure Blond for $84 a slab. So the two most precious liquids for our trip are at $9.88 per liter (beer) and $2.33 per liter (diesel). Had a relaxing afternoon playing Uno on a picnic rug in the shade, was funny watching Codi fire up when her go was "reversed" away from her, didn't quite get it.

That night we got roped into the "entertainment" at the pub by a couple that go by "The Roadies". A bush band that do a great job at involving the kids and embarrassing the adults. The kids got to play some instruments whilst the mums had to sing with various wigs on and the dads had to dance with cow bells. Yeeehaa.

The next day we all completed the rim walk of the canyon, 6km's of mostly rough terrain with a steep climb at the start. Absolutely beautiful views, the sun wasn't quite out to get the deep reds out of the rocks yet it did make for comfortable walking. The kids were happy to get back to the car park yet did not complain once as the walk was really entertaining yet still probably their limit at the moment, lots of snacks along the way. A quiet night was in in order and everyone was exhausted and asleep early even though we are all excited about Codi's birthday the next morning.

Pancakes for breekie and a few well tavelled pressies were finally opened before a hair cut and a short walk to Kathleen's Gorge. Then the main event, pics tell the sory here, the kids had no idea the expanda was being pimped and a party set up whilst they were at the playground...

Some improvised fairy bread, crushed up Tim tams and white chocolate - quite good!
The van certainly turned some heads that afternoon!

A final sunset and we head back to the entertainment with the promise of a special show for Codi. Not five minutes into the show Codi was called up and presented with a birthday balloon and a toy camel which she loves. She then was front and centre for the kids band playing the "drums" and got dragged back up for a rendition of "itsy bitsy spider" which her sisters helped her out with.

A proud moment was when the girls confidently belted out the national anthem in full voice in front of a room of around 100 people of several nationalities. Many people commented on this moment in the coming days. Thanks to Heany Park Primary for encouraging the kids to learn the lyrics so well. Some of the pics didn't come out swell but you get the idea.

Our four year old crashes as soon as she hits the pillow with her camel, a birthday she will certainly remember.


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  1. I've had a lot of birthdays and I can confidently state that none of there were a patch on this one! WHAT WAS GOING ON MUM & DAD!!? :)