Saturday, 7 July 2012

Robe and Murray Bridge

Went for a morning fish at a spot that yielded many bream and mullet the day before, unfortunately Zoe managed the only fish landed whilst Brielle dropped a nice mullet. We only lasted about half an hour as the wind was freezing and the promise of fish was not living up to expectations. We loaded into the car headed towards Murray Bridge.

We noticed along the way that we were being acknowledged by fellow caravan travelers as they passed in the opposite direction with a friendly wave. I opted for a very casual lift of a few fingers off the steering wheel as my retort yet Ves took it upon herself to wave madly at the oncoming travelers as a bit of a laugh. The issue is now that we feel obliged to wave at every bloody van coming our way and then get annoyed when some of them don't wave back!

Murray Bridge - sounds lovely doesn't it, rolling meadows cascading into the banks of the mighty Murray's actually more like Doveton with Eumemmering Creek in flood, a little dodgy.

We visited the waterside parks and found some old steam trains, carriages and station platforms which the girls took particular interest in. We think they were there for viewing purposes, it could have just been where they last stopped, not exactly museum quality. It was also good to see a paddle steamer come into port whilst we were there. Whilst driving back to the caravan park I acknowledged a fellow traveller ith a friendly wave as mentioned above yet got no acknowledgement in return....then I realized that our van was back at the park where we'd left it.