Tuesday, 31 July 2012


We drove from Banka Banka up to Mataranka Thermal Pools. A really nice camp with water, power, camp fires and of course the thermal pools. The wildlife is starting to pick up a bit with many Agile Wallabies Around and a vist from a friendly and beautiful tree snake, if I wasn't informed that he was friendly he would not have appeared so beautiful and may well have met my shovel...

We also had a swim at Bitter Springs which is warm deep slow flowing river where you can have a relaxing float through the tranquil turquoise waters....or in our case get completely exhausted whilst ensuring that our kids remain calmly afloat through the forest. Zoe cracked whenever I touched her board, she didn't understand at the time that it was also keeping me afloat.

Our last two days driving...added up to a fair haul in the end.

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