Thursday, 5 July 2012


Well who would have thought that the final pack before a four month trip would take slightly longer than a standard Taggerty weekend! The prediction of a 9am departure (by Ves btw) was blown out by a measly four hours. At about 1pm we were saying our final goodbyes to the house and excitedly on the way. Just on the approach to the Monash Freeway Codi let out her first "When we there?", couldn't help but laugh.

Our first stop was Lake Fyans in the Grampians, an easy drive for the first day, the only event was on the final road in we had to hit the skids and swerve to narrowly avoid stewed roos tail for the week, maybe the roo whistlers I put on the car were installed the wrong way and attracts them instead. The car and van handled it very well under what would be probably it's largest possible load - beer, fire wood, full cupboards, two fridges, beer, two full water tanks and ciders.

The caravan park at Lake Fyans is fantastic, lots of cabins close to the powered sites (wink, wink), great facilities and shallow sandy flats into the lake, great for the rises evident at dusk.

A cold night that got down to 2 degrees, but a cold frosty night gave way to a beautiful morning...

Anyways, writing this in the Big4 in Robe now, an early night in the van as they do not allow campfires here, something not quite right about that in our eyes. Can hear the waves thundering in across the road, zoe, ves and b asleep, codi had a sleep in the car so is still making shadow puppets with her torch, all is well.

Btw, Stawel Mini World is no more, gone to dodgy park heaven alongside Leisureland, Wobbies World and Ye Olde Pi##weak World.


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  1. Love those sunset shots! ... and the dawn shots! It does look cold.

    I reckon you can see birds in picture 9!