Monday, 9 July 2012

Caravan parks, but not as we know it

Yesterday we got up fairly early and after feeding the local sheep we were on our way out of Murray Bridge via the "legendary" mechanical bunyip. A tourist attraction built to scare the local kids, a goldie well spent - no more, no less.

Watch this at your own peril...


We made our way to Port Augusta via Adelaide and camped in the Big 4. This caravan park caters for the overnighters, not any sort of extended stays. So they process hundreds of vans per day and do it well, top and tail parking, wall to wall vans. We were considering an extra night in Port Augusta originally but rained a fair bit that night so we decided to head for Coober Pedy that morning.

So the map for our two days travells from Murray Bridge to Port Augusta to Coober Pedy.

Was exciting to see the terrain constantly change as we headed into the outback, we saw a few eagles (just general eagles Pete) and some Emu's, you will note in Zoe's video that she kept missing these as we drove on even though she was the one most interested in finding them.

The highlight of the day was definatly Lake Hart, a salt lake situated close to the highway. We had to cross under/over the Ghan railway to get there. Soooooo bright with sun glare, yet had a great time, the camera was having difficulty on focussing, (due to the light maybe??) a few times we couldn't even shot and yet to have a go at manual focus.

We were supposed to stay underground tonight but the lady double booked us (found out upon arrival) so we ended up staying at the Stuart Range Caravan Park and had pizza for dinner which was a welcome change from caravan meals (been too cold for BBQ's so far). Again wall to wall vans and a camper trailers. Some awesome set ups. A beautiful sun set over the town, couldn't see much of it except for the clouds, but it was pretty spectacular. Brielle said it looked like the sky was on fire.

Oh, and happy birthday Kel



  1. Enjoyed these posts immensely guys. Keep it up! Kath & I did this bit of the trip years ago. You can see how much the digital era (and the arrival of kids) has improved holiday snaps if you get a chance to look at some piks I've posted in response (at "shanleylife" blog)

  2. Yes, had a gander, some "amazing" shots there, did you use the photoshop program on the zx81 to enhance them?